Kristin Kilmer Design, Inc. firmly believes that sustainability also represents “recycling into” the community by supporting local businesses who share in the vision to expand public awareness on the importance on ecological design and environmental issues. The following is a small list of our esteemed affiliates:
Go Green Home LAKristin Kilmer Design is currently working with Go Green Construction on their Case Study Project, the Go Green Home, America’s highest rated LEED Platinum-Certified home. Kristin considers CEO Fernando Feldman to be one of the most passionate & knowledgeable about sustainable construction.
Living HomesKristin Kilmer designed the interiors of the Kohler LivingHomes at the TED conference in February, 2009. She is currently designing the interiors of the first LivingHome installed in Orange County. Kristin considers CEO Steve Glenn to be one of the most prominent voices in the sustainable movement.
Living GreenKristin Kilmer Design is a partner with Living Green, Los Angeles’ first and largest sustainable design and material showroom. Kristin considers Founder Ellen Stickland to be one of most seasoned professionals in everything green: from materials to non-toxic household products.
Sustainable Business CouncilKristin Kilmer is one of the earlier members of the Sustainable Business Council, founded by Steve Glenn, CEO of LivingHomes. It is a non-profit organization that serves Los Angeles businesses working with sustainable products, services and processes.
Sustainable Business CouncilKristin Kilmer Design is currently working in conjunction with Larry Byrnes of Environmental Home Improvement for client Sara Ramirez of Grey's Anatomy. While aesthetics are important, her health and well-being was of primary focus and Kristin Kilmer considers Larry to be the most knowledgeable about this aspect of sustainable construction.

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