Kohler LivingHome at TED Conference
Architects: Kieran Timberlake Associates
Client: LivingHome, Steve Glenn, Long Beach, CA
Now a Contemporary Icon, this Architecturally Significant prefabricated, modular, energy efficient home was craned in and installed at the 2009 TED Conference within four hours. Marking a new era of masterpieces, CEO Steve Glenn works with world-class architects such as Ray Kappe and Kieran Timberlake to create state of the art, non-toxic, factory built homes using sustainably derived materials that reduce our ecological footprint. These homes also use the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) certification system. Kristin Kilmer worked with the home’s corporate sponsors at TED including Lexus Hybrid Living, Autodesk, and Skype to beautify the home and demonstrate the technological and aesthetic advancements of sustainable design. She also chose to support the local community by promoting its local artists designers and vendors with their works highlighted in the home, each piece telling a story that also emphasized a message of health and wellness, which is often overlooked within the ecological movement. Kristin Kilmer is the first Interior Designer to be featured at the prestigious Ted Conference and is currently designing the first LivingHome ever installed in Orange County, CA. Most of the furniture in this new home is custom designed for the client’s beach living (coming soon).