Rich House, Elkins Rd.
Architect: Thornton Abel
Location: Brentwood, CA
Thornton Abel is a lesser-known architect but still quite notable in his achievements, having received an AIA National Honor Award and designing Case Study House No. 7 in Santa Barbara, CA. Unique to this particular home is a large amphitheatre in the back, as the natural, exterior environment was fundamental to his design, as well as the preservation of indoor and outdoor flow. Kristin’s client carefully renovated this home in honor of maintaining it under the Mills Act, while Kristin designed the interiors with recycled carpeting and fresh, eco-friendly wall covering to update the aesthetics for a more contemporary market. Many of the home’s original furnishings were “up cycled&rsdquo; and re-upholstered while other vintage pieces were combined with present-day, local, sustainable vendors and artists. The home was also furnished with a whimsical, brightly colored children’s room because of its close proximity to the local school, keeping the home’s marketability in mind.